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06 April 2008 @ 03:03 am
I can't even...Collapse )
Sick of all the Gwen bashing in the Torchwood fandom? Retaliate with love by joining house_of_cooper! For all things Gwen and Eve!
24 February 2008 @ 11:58 pm
So, I have officially finished watching all four seasons of The Office.

All I have to say is that clearly the only reason Karen did not stay on for the fourth season as a principal character is because they were too lazy to alter the opening credits.
Title: It Must Have Been Love (But It’s Over Now)
Pairing: Rose/OC, Rose/Mickey, Doctor/Rose
Rating: PG 15
Spoilers: Up to Doomsday
Summary: This is her first kiss after all. And she knows this is love.
Disclaimer: The usual.

His face changes but Rose is surprised at how much else remains the same. He’s still the Doctor. Still her DoctorCollapse )
23 January 2008 @ 10:05 am
Everyone has posted about this but it’s just not quite sinking in. He was so young and such a highly regarded actor that it makes it all hard to take in.

I can’t imagine how his family is coping.
Happy Halloween flist!

Going against the norm this year we've had no trick or treaters at our door, thus we suffered no junk food deficit. However I did eat an entire packet of Tim Tams and ended up telling my mum that I gave it away to the illusory trick or treater.

All in all, a win/win.
05 October 2007 @ 10:48 am
I don’t usually take notice of the little ‘today’s live news’ box that pops open whenever I go to use msn, not only because it’s almost always yesterday’s news but also because it’s usually a torrent of highly concentrated propaganda which sources like ninemsn often rely on to engage their target audience.

However I saw an article about the new Dove ‘onslaught’ ad, and I kinda really love their new range of ads (although I prefer their first one) so I clicked into the article and was slightly surprised to see this that this woman totally sassed the new ad.

She basically says that the company that owns Dove uses the very images of beauty they critique in ads for their other brands. Also this supposedly wholesome idea of rejecting commercial beauty is used by Dove to sell products, the consumption of which ultimately results in the consumers conforming to that very image they’re meant to be rejecting. Hah!

This video has just restored my utter love for Torchwood.